We've Seen The First 10 Minutes Of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

Marvel loves to leave fans wanting more. Thats the reason the credits of every satisfying-on-it's-own movie from the company contains a tease of what's next. In that grand tradition, during a fan screening of the new Marvel One Shot: All Hail the King in Los Angeles, CA Monday night, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige thanked attendees by screening the first 10 minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As if the film and Q&A with he, Sir Ben Kingsley and Drew Pearce wasn't enough.

Below, we'll describe the footage in some detail so if you are wary of spoilers, be warned. But there are no significant plot points below, just some jokes and action in an extremely promising opening.

Again – full spoilers for the first 10 minutes of the film, which hits theaters April 4.

Fade in on a beautiful Washington D.C. morning. A man named Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is running around the National Mall when another man flies by him at five times his speed. "On your left," Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) says not one, not twice, but three times as he continues to lap Wilson. When they finish their runs, Wilson jokes about how fast Rogers was running and they introduce themselves. Wilson knows who Rogers is and relates to him a bit because he's also a solider. The two chat about the changes in society and Wilson recommends a record: "Marvin Gaye, 1972, Trouble Man." He says it's everything you've missed, all on one album. Rogers pulls out a notebook and says, "I'll add it to the list." We then cut to this "list." "Steve Jobs," "Star Wars/Trek," and about 12 other things are on there. I'd report more of them but I was laughing too hard. Rogers has watched Star Wars; that half of the entry was crossed off.

Rogers gets an alert on his watch that it's time to work. He says it was nice to meet Sam and Sam tells him if he'd ever like to stop by Sam's job to impress the receptionist, that would be great. He laughs as a black Corvette pulls up. Inside is Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), who rolls down the window and asks the guys if they know where the Smithsonian is. "I'm looking for a fossil." Wilson smiles, flirts for a second. Rogers says, "you can't run everywhere." The 'Vette speeds away.

Cut to the Indian Ocean where a helicopter is flying out to sea. On it, Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) briefs the suited-up Captain America and Black Widow that a terrorist named Georges Batroc (Georges St. Pierre) has taken a cargo vessel hostage for $1.5 billion. Why so much? This is a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. ship. Cap says he's tired of being Nick Fury's clean up crew. They get all the details (which includes Cap being very curious about the reason S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Sitwell is on this ship) and Widow asks Cap if he did anything Saturday night. He says "No," because the members of his barber shop quartet are dead. She tells him if he asked out a certain girl at work, she'd probably say "Yes," and Cap says that's why he doesn't ask. He's "too busy," he says and jumps off the plane. "Was he wearing a parachute?" asks one soldier. "No," answers Rumlow. "He wasn't"

We now see the full scene Marvel screened at the D23 Expo, just fully finished.

We see Cap flying through the air without his parachute and hitting the water feet first.  He's near the ship and quietly climbs up the anchor chain. Silently he takes out one guard, then another, then throws his shield at a third. In short order, Cap runs around the perimeter of the entire deck, kicking ass left and right. Some guys get kicked super hard, others just fall over the side with one hit. Just as one solider is about to pull a fire alarm, Cap throws a knife through his hand. As Russ said back in August, " This is a more brutal Captain America — a one-man black ops squad. There's no dialogue in this sequence; just fighting. Cap's fighting techniques are way more modern than the last time we saw him. He's learned new moves; the action in general is much more hard-hitting and intense."

Finally, just as one soldier puts a gun to Cap's head, Rumlow picks him off with a bullet. They joke about needing help. Behind him, Black Widow lands and after taking out a few more guards, casually continues the conversation. "You don't have to get me a date," says Cap.

On the ship's bridge, Batroc is tired of waiting and begins to discuss killing hostages. This is intercut with Black Widow slowly flying down a huge stairwell, beating up and shooting a ton of soldiers. Cap, Rumlow and the others are set to engage the enemies but they haven't heard from Widow. She's busy fighting about six guys and, when she's done, she says "Engine room secure."

And that's where the montage of footage from the trailer began marking the end of the footage.

The humor, action and set-up in this first ten minutes were really promising, as was the spy-thriller music. In fact, I'm kind of mad I saw it because I wanted the film to continue. Soon enough though.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens April 4.