Amanda Seyfried Is The Love Interest In 'Ted 2'

Thunder buddies John and Ted may not have a lot of luck with women in 2015's Ted 2. Writer/director/star Seth MacFarlane has just cast Amanda Seyfried as the leading love interest in the film. That might sound odd considering the place John (played by Mark Wahlberg, who is returning) was in at the end of the first film with Mila Kunis' character. However, she may only appear in a small role this time around, if at all, with Seyfried acting as the new romantic lead.

Deadline broke the news of Seyfried's casting and says Kunis' dialed-back role has nothing to do with her relationship with MacFarlane. He just feels this is the way the story of Ted 2 should go. Could things really end up happily ever after for John and his foul-mouthed teddy bear? Of course not. There needs to be growth and conflict, and what better way to push that than to have John lose — in some way — the woman he fought so hard for.

Seyfried will soon appear in MacFarlane's next film, A Million Ways to Die In The West, which suggests the two worked well on the Western comedy. That hits theaters May 30. Ted 2, released by Universal, is scheduled for release June 26, 2015.