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Header Photo: Albuquerque Action Squad, An Unofficial Set of 'Breaking Bad' LEGO Minifigs

Why Netflix Is Actually the Big Winner in the Comcast Bandwidth Deal

10 True Detective Season 2 Dream Cast Pairings We Would LOVE

All 'Breaking Bad' Episodes Are Now on Netflix

He-Man Sings Tee

This He-Man Sings Tee Has The Power

How Comcast's Netflix Bullying Could Cost Us All

Nickelodeon Acquires 'Alvinnn!!! and The Chipmunks'

The Comic Books Behind 'True Detective'

"When It Rains It Roars." Letterpress

Highlights From Werner Herzog, Errol Morris & Joshua Oppenheimer's Revealing Reddit AMA For 'The Act of Killing'Why McG is a Progressive FilmmakerZZ6E72916F

Custom-Feature: R2D2 Mega Android by Evilos

Comcast's Deal With Netflix Shows It Learned The Lesson From Hollywood's SOPA Debacle

The Only "Frozen" Parody You Need Tells You to Stay The Heck Inside During the Storm

The Simpsons fingernails The Simpsons fingernails

Apple TV Gets New 'WWE Network' Channel

 Frozen Concept Art

Stunning Frozen Concept Art Reveals The Snow Queen You Didn't See

'Game of Thrones,' 'House of Cards,' 'Downton Abbey' Composers in Spotlight at TV Academy Concert


Warner Bros Acquires 'American Blood' For Bradley Cooper To Star In And Produce


LTD. Art Gallery George R.R. Martin Announce A Fantastic Upcoming Show: "Winter Is Coming"...

Weekend Box Office: $100 Million 'Pompeii' Makes $10 Million

Dolby Presents: Silent, a Short Film

Amazon Plans To Launch Apple TV Competitor In March

"D'oh Minion" t-shirt

Casting Director Joy Todd Dies


'Pacific Rim' by NECA @ New York Toy Fair 2014

Dennis Rodman North Korea Mission to Become Fox Movie

Gonzo And The Swedish Chef's Guide To Curling: The Latest 'Muppets Most Wanted' Ad

Piers Morgan's Show is Ending, CNN ConfirmsZZ1C1C6D7EBreaking Bad sketchbookTrue Detective has made 1895 book The King in Yellow a bestseller

Trailers From Hell: John Landis on THE LAST EMPEROR

Ann-Margret Joins 'Ray Donovan'NCC-1701 By Meghan Stratman

NCC-1701 By Meghan Stratman

'Gravity' Sounds Best to Cinema Audio Society


'Muppet Movie' Soundtrack Re-Releasing on Vinyl for Record Store Day 2014

Cinefex spring edition to feature 25-page Hobbit feature

Hunter For Hire t-shirt

Hunter For Hire t-shirt

10 Stories From the Sochi Olympics That Should Get Film and TV AdaptationsZZ3E143849Preview of the TANTIVE IV Expansion Pack for X-Wing (TM)Wes Anderson: in a world of his ownTom Beaker Is Doctor Meep

Tom Beaker Is Doctor Meep

Viggo Mortensen Will Return From The Woods In New Drama 'Captain Fantastic'ZZ15915F20

'24: Live Another Day' Clocks First Photo: Jack and Chloe on the Run Again

'House Of Cards' Delays Production On Season 3 With Maryland Tax Credit Bills In Limbo


The Most Beautiful Transformers Concept Art You'll Ever See

'Vertigo' Actress Miliza Milo Dies at 91


A Different Class of Minion

Liam Neeson's 'Run All Night' Sets Release DateZZ52B263B2look at William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh BackParker Posey Joins Comedy Central's 'Crazy House'

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