'The Lego Movie' Sequel Set For Prime 2017 Weekend

Briefly: The Lego Movie was an unusual February release this year — the date isn't typically where a family-friendly franchise opener would go. Co-director Phil Lord said in a Q&A I attended that part of the reason for the early release window was that open options for a release later in 2014 would have had the film butting up against the World Cup, and Warner Bros. was concerned about having to share its audience with the beautiful game. The February date didn't hurt the film, and may have even helped it to a tremendous opening weekend and solid performance afterward. The fact that the film is great doesn't hurt, either.

For the sequel, the release date will not be an issue. The Lego Movie 2 (or whatever it will be called) is now set to release on Memorial Day weekend 2017, specifically on May 26. Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan are scripting; we have no confirmation about whether Phil Lord and Chris Miller will return to direct. [Variety]