Watch Amy Adams' Raw Tribute To Philip Seymour Hoffman

The passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman shook the film community and audiences everywhere, and we're still processing the loss of one of the greatest acting talents our generation is likely to see. Amy Adams, who co-starred with Hoffman in Doubt (above) and The Master, appeared last night on Inside the Actor's Studio, and the subject of Hoffman's death was broached. Adams' response was so deeply-felt as to be difficult to watch, but it speaks to the depth of the connection that Philip Seymour Hoffman created with other actors. Part of her touching tribute is below.

I don't post this to be ghoulish, but because I've seen more than a few uncharitable comments about the nature of Hoffman's death; these comments have gone so far as to suggest he should not be held in any great esteem because he was an addict. That is insane, obviously, and if you need any reminder about why Hoffman is mourned, the comments from Adams make the loss very clear.

It is not even that his talent vanished, but that his ability to connect with others was extinguished. As Adams says, " he had this unique ability to see people, to really see them — not look through them — he just really saw people."

Bravo's official site has more of the episode, but you can see the heart of Adams' comments here.