2014 Is The Year We Make A Movie With Stephen Tobolowsky

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Four and a half years ago, I recorded my first podcast episode of "The Tobolowsky Files" with Stephen Tobolowsky, featuring true stories about life, love, and Hollywood. Stephen is an incredible storyteller and in the time since that first podcast was published here at slashfilm.com, even more people have gotten the chance to enjoy his stories through a book from Simon & Schuster, a radio show by Public Radio International, and several sold-out live shows.

Now we'd like to take Stephen's stories to the big screen. And we need your help to do it.

As someone who's seen his storytelling live in front of an audience of a thousand people, I can say that it's one of the most incredible theater experiences I've ever witnessed. I want to share this experience with the world by creating a concert film of Stephen's stories, and I would be honored if the /Film community would be a part of it. So this week we're launching a Kickstarter to fund our new storytelling film, The Primary Instinct (working title). We really need your help if we're going to make this movie a reality.

We have some great Kickstarter rewards, including the opportunity to meet Stephen backstage at one of our live shows, as well as the chance to have Stephen perform a private show for you and 20 of your friends in person. In addition, every reward tier $15 and above will receive a link to stream the movie when it premieres. Moreover, I'm planning to blog at /Film about the entire experience of making, marketing, and distributing this film, giving everyone here a behind-the-scenes look at the madness. Together, I hope we can learn what it takes to create a movie and get it seen.

To check out the Kickstarter and donate to the cause, just go to stephentobolowsky.info. Thanks in advance for your support!