Alfonso Cuaron AMA Recap: 'Gravity' Alternate Ending, Cinema Outlook, Scientific Criticism & Superheroes

Best director Oscar nominee Alfonso Cuaron did a Reddit AMA Thursday, promoting his film Gravity, which is still in theaters and hits Blu-ray February 25. As tends to be the case with these, topics were all over the map, and we've grabbed the most interesting bits.

Among them are an alternate ending to Gravity, how he felt about scientific criticism directed toward the film, his outlook on the future of cinema, his feelings on digital formats, if he'd do a superhero movie, why he only did one Harry Potter, Guillermo del Toro's contributions to Gravity and much more. Read the quotes below.

Thanks to Reddit for all the quotes. Here's the link to the full AMA, but below you can see each quote in context.

An alternate ending to Gravity:

We had an alternative ending in which after landing on Earth, Ryan will get back on her feet and as she's walking away Matt Kovalski falls from the sky and crashes her to death. And then cut to black. Create scroll in silence.

A response to scientific criticism:

I'm very happy that scientists have taken time to attack or defend GRAVITY. We tried to be as plausible as we could in the frame of our fiction and we worked very hard in honoring the behavior of bodies in micro-gravity and no resistance. But, it's a movie and that Sandra Bullock is not really an Astronaut in real life.

His outlook of the future of cinema:

There used to be only one paradigm: the experience of going to the theaters. Later on, that paradigm was dual: people would watch movies in the cinema and also on TV. Later on came home video and now we have all these different formats. There used to be only be visuals, then there came sound, and then color. Now we're making the transition into the digital formats where everybody can have affordable systems in their homes. What I believe is that, because of the new ways of production and distribution, multiple paradigms are going to be created. They are going to co-exist. Each one of these paradigms is going to constantly evolve and go in many different directions. I think all of this is very exciting because it's going to challenge our current conceptions of cinema in which the format of experience of film and/or the length are going to very diverse.

His feelings on digital cinema:

I think the digital formats have reached an amazing level of resolution and it's definitely the future of cinema as all the tools are only as good as the creative people that uses them.

On why he doesn't watch his films again:

Once I finish a film I don't ever see it again. As I have said many times before, as opposed to some of my friends that consider their films like their babies, for me my films are like ex-wives. I loved them so much, they loved me so much, I gave them so much, they gave me so much- but now we have parted ways. But I do have a very fond memory of A Little Princess. In terms of favorite films and directors, I am unable to do lists. When I do a supermarket list, I end up getting everything except what I need.

Would he do a superhero movie?

Speedy Gonzales starring Jackie Chan as the mouse and the pussy cat would be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Why didn't he come back to do another Harry Potter:

I only did the one because it was such a great experience I was afraid I would overstay my welcome. And I also felt that I had given what I could to that universe.

Guillermo del Toro's contribution to Gravity:

Guillermo has been a huge supporter of the film and i owe the final result to him, he came in to the cutting room and made a huge difference and heightening the emotional jeopardy of the character.

Did he ever consider Bullock's character had actually died?

A great thing of cinema is that everyone can take their own interpretation but I have to say that I honestly never thought about that one.

Other long takes he loves:

I like Jankso's films and I also like the long takes in the Dardenne Brother's films. This year i think that Before Midnight offered the most beautiful one shot deals.

If he'd directed Batman & Robin, would he have kept the nipples:

He would keep the nipples and go full Brazillian.

Will he do another film in Spanish or Mexico again:

I would love to eventually do another film in Spanish and in Mexico. I will definitely do so when the project calls me.

Guilty pleasures:

Last year I loved Sharknado and I can't wait for the sequel.

Favorite scene to shoot in Children of Men:

My favorite scene to shoot the ambush in the car and the final battle scene. But the biggest challenge of doing that film was to convey to the world the thematics that are shaping the first part of the 21st century. We never intended for it to be a science fiction film, but a look into those themes.

How did he meet Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro González Iñárritu:

We met because we used to have competitive mariachi bands. Now, we constantly mess with each other's work.

Did he see Her?

I absolutely love HER. I think it's the best film about love that speaks directly to an age since ANNIE HALL. It's a beautiful film that also explores questions about the nature of love and consciousness. But, as I told Spike, I'm torn between HER and BAD GRANDPA.