Cool Stuff: Lego X-Mansion From 'X-Men'

This Lego Cuusoo thing really works. Back to the Future and Ghostbusters are just two of the major properties builders created and uploaded to the site, only to be endorsed by fans, put in front of the Lego review board, approved and made available to the public. Now there's another super cool set we want to alert people to, hoping it might get pushed through.

It's a detaile, beautiful build of Professor X's mansion from the world of X-Men. A slick building on the one side, you flip it around to reveal various rooms devoted to all kinds of mutants like Cyclops, Beast and others. See more images below.

Head to Lego Cuusoo for more information this set and, most importantly, to vote on the site.

The only issue with this set is almost all the Lego Cuusoo sets are small and this one is massive and detailed. Odds are, even if it reaches 10,000 votes and goes in front of Lego, it won't get approved as is. A better bet might be the Danger Room on its own. Either way though, this is an impressive feat of Lego construction.