VOTD: Loki Borrows A Hero's Outfit In 'Thor: The Dark World'

Minor spoilers for Thor: The Dark World follow.

By now, hopefully anyone who wanted to see Thor: The Dark World, has done so. The film had a super successful international box office run and the Blu-ray is coming out February 25. If you haven't yet seen the movie you have lots to look forward to, including a hilarious highlight which was one of the last things shot in the movie.

That highlight is Loki being super-mischievous when talking to his brother Thor; we'll explain more after the break, or you can simply watch an alternate version of the scene.

Here Loki shapeshifts into an Asgardian soldier, Sif, and eventually a prominent member of The Avengers. The final film plays out the moment in a different way, but during filming Hiddleston donned the iconic suit and acted out the scene himself. That alternative take is now online and you can check it out below.

Thanks to Empire for this awesome clip.

The final film, with Chris Evans there instead of Hiddleston, makes more sense and is funnier – especially since Evans reportedly did an impression of Hiddleston's impression of him – but this is still super cool.