'Doomed!' Trailer: Documenting The Rise And Fall Of Roger Corman's 'Fantastic Four'

The Roger Corman-produced version of The Fantastic Four, from 1994, is like an optical illusion. Every time I try to watch the thing, I get about five minutes in before my eyes and brain resolutely decide to look at anything else. The term "unwatchable" gets thrown around a fair bit, but Corman's Fantastic Four is a great candidate to define the term.

With a wave of superhero movies in full swing, two studio-madeĀ Fantastic Four movies behind us and a new one slated to shoot in March, it is inevitable that people will go back to Corman's movie. It was never officially released, but the enterprising viewer can easily find it online. Now there's also a documentary, called Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's 'The Fantastic Four'. A trailer has hit, and you can have a look below.

So is Corman's Fantastic Four some product of underhanded dealings? Is it an unfortunate byproduct of trying to make a good movie (yes: almost every bad movie is) or is it just something best left forgotten? And who are all those people being interviewed, anyway? (Some of them are the actors, but the trailer should maybe make note of that.) Don't expect to see many current Marvel employees in there.

At least the '94 movie had probably the best translation of the classic Doctor Doom costume we're likely to see on the screen. And the Thing costume isn't bad either, especially for the time and budget. If nothing else, seeing behind the scenes footage of those elements might make the doc worth a look.

Badass Digest pointed to the trailer, and the Doomed! website.