'Ender's Game' Sequel Could Be An Original Story Not Based On Orson Scott Card Novel

Will a sequel to Ender's Game ever see the big screen? It's not a question with a definitive answer. The first film didn't live up to financial expectations, but it got decent critical praise, meaning a life on home video and On Demand could generate interest in a theatrical follow-up.

In the past, producers admitted there are multiple ideas to continue the franchise, which in the original  Orson Scott Card novels has a complicated timeline. One option is to continue with some sort of TV series. Another is to adapt a new series of novels which take place immediately after the events of Ender's Game. Now a third option is on the table. Producer Roberto Orci says there's a chance a sequel could be wholly original story, not based on any of Card's material.

The quote comes from an interview with Orci done on CraveOnline:

...It could be potentially original because in Speaker for the Dead you pick him up when he's already a man. There might be an in between step if that happens....That's why I think the rights that they worked out is it could either be one of the books or it could be original or a mix so that you can do what you need to do for a movie.

To recap, Orson Scott Card wrote a sequel to Ender's Game called Speaker For The Dead, but it takes place decades after the film and isn't an action novel. Eventually, he went back and wrote some stories that covered the in-between time period (including Ender In Exile) and is doing a new series of novels, called Fleet School, dealing with the immediate aftermath of the film without Ender's participation. There are "in-between" steps there, but they may just be jumping-off points for what Orci is discussing.

None of those sound like ideal films to follow up a sci-fi action film with bankable stars, though, so the idea to write something not based on a Card idea is an interesting one. The author obviously comes with his own baggage, but he did create the character and the universe. Would his lack of participation help, or hinder development?

As a fan of Ender's Game, the book and to some extent the movie, I don't think there should be a sequel at all. If anything, the idea of Ender's Shadow as a TV show is interesting but, beyond that, the film got across the ideas in a suitable way. However, an original story picking up after the film with Ender and the queen is something I'd see. What are your thoughts?