Siri Warns Against Talking And Texting In Alamo Drafthouse's 'Her'-Themed PSA

In Her, Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) takes his OS girlfriend (Scarlett Johansson) out on all kinds of dates. They lounge on the beach, run through a carnival, and even enjoy a snowy romantic getaway in the woods. But in real life, in the present, there are certain dates where your phone should be strictly off-limits. Even Siri thinks so.

For their latest no-cell-phones PSA, the Alamo Drafthouse has enlisted Susan Bennet, the actual human voice of Siri, to admonish theater patrons looking to send texts or place calls during the show. Turns out, you do not want to mess with Siri. Check it out after the jump.

It's interesting that Siri is helping to promote Her, because we learned earlier this week that Siri isn't exactly a fan of the movie. ("She gives artificial intelligence a bad name," Siri sniffs.) Still, there are some things more important than professional jealousy. The fight against rude movie patrons is surely one of them.

Her arrives at the Drafthouse this Friday, January 10.