'Endless Love' Trailer: A Torrid Young Romance For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day just wouldn't be complete without a movie romance, and this year we're getting three. One is Winter's Tale, a romantic fantasy starring Colin Farrell as a handsome thief. Another is About Last Night, a cheeky comedy about singles in the big city. And the third is Endless Love, a Romeo and Juliet-flavored drama about a prim-and-proper gal (Gabriella Wilde) and the bad boy (Alex Pettyfer) she falls for.

Based on just those descriptions, you've probably already made up your mind about which one is best for you and your date. But if you need a little more information, maybe this final trailer for Endless Love will help. Check it out after the jump.

Endless Love looks like a straightforward teen romance, but as Russ pointed out in his previous post about this remake, the 1981 original is pretty weird: "her mom starts to get off on watching the kids go at it, and eventually there's an inappropriate attempt a seduction, and arson, and a mental institution. So sweet!"

Those quirks didn't help the original Endless Love with critics, who mostly panned it, but who knows what they've kept or ditched for this version. Based on the trailer, the bigger problem may be Pettyfer, who looks no less wooden here than he did in Magic Mike. Kind of a problem when the whole movie hinges on his burning passion for Wilde's character.

Shana Feste directed the film which, as mentioned above, opens February 14. Of course, if you've decided that none of these love stories are your cup of tea, there are other, less swoony options that weekend as well. Vampire Academy could be the rare paranormal YA adaptation that has some bite (heh, heh), and Robocop might have more top-notch stars than all the other week's releases put together. Which will you be watching?