DC Comics Tells 7th Grader Its Movies Sell More Than Marvel's

Fanboys who read movie websites aren't the only ones who realize Marvel is beating DC at the movie theater. A 7th grader was tasked with writing a company for a school project and he chose DC Comics. He wrote that he's a huge fan of DC's properties but asks "How does DC plan to compete against Marvel movies when Marvel seemingly dominates the live action superhero movie industry?" Good question, kid!

Here's the best part. Not only did DC respond, but the company answered his question by discussing distributors and claiming "our movies by far exceed all of Marvel's in sales."

Thanks to @elmayimbe for the heads up on this and Reddit for the letters. Here they are.

DC 7th Grade LetterDC 7th Grade Response

While many people might jump down DC's throat for this letter, let's step back for a second. First of all, how cool is it they wrote back to the kid? Second of all, their claims are actually true if you look at it in a certain way. If you look at DC movies over history versus Marvel movies over history, Marvel wins in global box office gross: $6.3 billion for DC and $13.2 billion for Marvel.

However, if you look strictly at Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (meaning no X-Men, no Spider-Man, no Blade, which is what the letter refers to by talking about different studios) those have grossed $5.7 billion. And DC then beats it globally.

MCU Worldwide Box Office

So it's a stretch, but it's true. If you take DC's total output versus the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC exceeds it in sales. The comparison is highly skewed, though, because you're looking at six years for Marvel and 36 for DC.

Another comparison is the average gross. While Marvel and DC have had their share of bomb and hits, this infographic from FancyDressCostumes shows that DC's average gross per film are higher domestically.


So there are lots of ways you can look at this and, in some ways, DC is being honest. In other ways, they aren't. What do you think about DC's response?