Cameo Bits: Bill Hader's Voice, Anthony Weiner In 'Alpha House', Two For '22 Jump Street'

SNL alum Bill Hader has been a top-billed voice performer in the past, as for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and he's physically shown up in cameo roles here and there, too. In one current film, however, Hader has a super-brief vocal appearance. Hit the jump for more about his tiny appearance in the film in question, plus details on Anthony Weiner's impending cameo in Alpha House and some of the surprises 22 Jump Street has in store for us.

Potential spoilers for all three films follow.

Scarlett Johansson's getting all the attention for her voice-only role as lively, sexy Samantha in Her, but she's not the only disembodied performer in the movie. Bill Hader can also be heard, briefly, in one early scene. But don't feel bad if you don't notice. Hader says his own father didn't know it was him, either.

"I took my dad to go see it and he didn't know I was in it until the credits started rolling," recounted the actor.

Hader's voice can be heard during a scene in which Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is looking for a phone sex partner. The comedian plays a man pretending to be a woman, but Theodore rejects him and moves on to a different character voiced by Kristen Wiig. Hader recounted his father's reaction to the news that his son had been in the movie.

He was like, 'Wait a minute, wait a minute — which one were you?' I was like, 'It's fast and I sound like a woman. But that was me.' And then we got the screener at home and watched it again and he again said, 'Wait, who were you? What were you?' It's easy to miss, but just to be associated with such a phenomenal film ... like, I got in the car [after recording] and called my wife and went, 'I just got directed by Spike Jonze!' It was so cool.

Hader's right — it is pretty cool, even if his own family couldn't recognize his voice. After all, he got to be in a Spike Jonze movie, which is more than most of us will ever be able to say. [Vulture]

Anthony Weiner's inability to keep it in his pants may have stalled his political career, but it looks like he'll be able to leverage his infamy into a TV role. Or a cameo, at least.

The former congressman is set to cameo in the season finale of Alpha House, Amazon's political comedy series starring John Goodman as one of four U.S. senators living together in D.C. Weiner isn't the only big name popping up in the episode, either. Former GOP head Michael Steele, CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin, and former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw are also set to pop up, along with Bill Murray as a jailed senator. [TheWrap]

Of the many hilarious moments in 21 Jump Street, one of the most memorable was a cameo appearance by original Jump Street vet Johnny Depp. Now, 22 Jump Street is trying to measure up to its predecessor with a couple fun surprises of its own.

One, which we've already covered here, is an appearance by Richard Grieco, who served time alongside Depp on the Jump Street series. The other is a small role by Brad Pitt. Which seems kind of random until you realize that he, too, is technically a 21 Jump Street alum — he played Peter in the episode "Best Years of Your Life," early in his career.

There aren't many details at this point on what either man will be doing in the movie, which is probably just as well. Part of what made Depp's cameo work was that he showed up somewhere totally unexpected. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled when 22 Jump Street opens June 13. [Radar Online]