Sequel Bits: '22 Jump Street', 'Jack Ryan', 'The Raid 2', 'Friday 4'

It's cold and icy and generally miserable outside right now in most of the U.S., which means now is the perfect time to pour yourself a cup of tea, bundle up in a cozy blanket, and dive into Sequel Bits. After the jump:

  • The Raid 3 will pick up before The Raid 2 leaves off
  • Friday 4 is stuck in development hell, says Ice Cube
  • Jennifer Saunders is working on the Ab Fab movie
  • Who's making a surprise cameo in 22 Jump Street?
  • The hero and the villain of Jack Ryan get posters
  • Bad Grandpa gets a red-band trailer for the DVD
  • Watch (or rewatch) the first ten minutes of Riddick
  • While the trailers for The Raid 2 have shown plenty of cool-looking action, Evans cautioned that we ain't seen nothin' yet.

    Sounds great. The Raid 2: Berandal opens March 28, but we'll have coverage of it after the Sundance premiere, which takes place in just a couple weeks. [Dark Horizons via The Playlist]

    Despite Ice Cube's obvious interest in doing a Friday 4, the movie doesn't seem to have come very far in the last few years. And the way things are going, it may be a while before it gets anywhere at all.

    "The next Friday movie is caught up in development hell at New Line Cinema," he said during a Reddit AMA. "Pray that we get it outta there." Last we heard, Cube was working on the script and Chris Tucker wasn't interested in returning. [via Screen Rant]

    Also moving pretty slowly at the moment is the Absolutely Fabulous movie, but Jennifer Saunders assures fans it is moving. Indeed, she's working on the script right now. "Well I have to do it now because I've threatened to a lot," she said on The Jonathan Ross Show this weekend.

    Still, it doesn't sound like those threats have done much to calm her nerves. "It's like the second album syndrome," she said. "Once you've had a bit of success, the last thing you want to do is go and make a flop. So the biggest fear in me is that it won't be good enough. I'm really nervous about it." [The Wrap]

    Has 22 Jump Street roped in an old-school Jump Street veteran? According to Radar Online, Richard Grieco is reprising his role of Detective Booker for the series, and in fact has already shot his role.

    "It was so cool to see Richard back in action," said their source. "He even cut his hair for the role and brought back some of his iconic swag items, which you'll see when the movie comes out. He seemed so stoked to be back in front of the camera with Channing [Tatum] and Jonah [Hill]." 22 Jump Street premieres June 13. [IGN]

    Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner got their character posters last week. Now it's Kenneth Branagh and Chris Pine's turn. Paramount has just revealed two posters showing the hero (Pine) described as a "recruit, agent, target," and the villain (Branagh) as a "capitalist, terrorist, patriot." In addition, there's a third poster that shows just the good guys.

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit bows January 17. [Coming Soon]Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa was plenty dirty to begin with, what with the strippers and the pooping and all of that. But those craving even more depravity can look forward to its unrated home video release. Here's a red-band trailer for the new version to whet your appetite.

    The even filthier version of Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa is available digitally now, and will hit DVD/Blu-ray on January 28. [Yahoo!]

    Meanwhile, if outer space warriors are more your thing, Riddick is also on the verge of hitting DVD/Blu-ray. Perhaps the first ten minutes of the film, below, will help you decide whether or not you'd like to shell out for it.

    Riddick is already available on demand and lands on DVD/Blu-ray on January 14. [Coming Soon]Kellan Lutz stands out in the cast of The Expendables 3, as one of the younger guys in a team packed with classic action stars. In an interview, he explains exactly what he's doing there.

    I play the leader of the young Expendables. Sly [Stallone] comes and recruits me, and I recruit our team. The older guys are just broken and old and busted, so he comes to the younger, more tactical guys to handle the next mission. So, I got to work with Sly quite a bit.

    For what it's worth, Lutz also says that he thinks the third film will be the best yet. "The script has so much depth and story to it. It's a solid script, and then you add all these new faces to it," he explained. "I can't wait!" The Expendables 3 hits August 15. [Collider]