LOL: Louis CK Discusses His Love Of IMAX 3D Films

By now comedy fans are well aware of Jerry Seinfeld's online series, Comedians in Cars With Coffee. It's a fun show where Seinfeld takes out a new exotic car, picks up a famous comedian, and they get coffee and talk about life. The latest episode is the season three premiere, and features Louis CK. About 14 minutes in, CK explains one of his favorite things in life is going to an IMAX 3D movie stoned. But not just that. He has a whole process on what food to bring, what pockets things go in, how to get there and his favorite part of the whole experience: "The Blue Numbers." Check out the video below.

The full episode of Comedians in Cars With Coffee is here. For some reason, the embed isn't working. Or, click the image below. The whole thing is great, but the IMAX 3D talk comes up around 14:00.

CCC CK Embed

The "Blue Numbers" CK is talking about are these...which are much more impressive in IMAX 3D.

Also mentioned in this episode, Steven Wright is writing on the new season of Louie, which had 10 episodes already written whenever this was shot (probably several few months ago based on the New York weather.)

Also, as great as the IMAX story is, the final few minutes are a brilliantly hilarious animation that has to be seen to be believed.

Has anyone ever seen CK at the Lincoln Square IMAX?