'The Wolf Of Wall Street' Sets Record For Uses Of The F-Word In A Narrative Feature

The Wolf of Wall Street is all about obscene excess in every vice imaginable. Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his associates do more blow, screw more hookers, toss around more money, and piss on more legal documents than most of us could ever dream of.

So it only makes sense that they'd be more profane than just about everyone else, as well. As it turns out, The Wolf of Wall Street has more utterances of the f-word than any other non-documentary film in cinema history. Find out just how many f***s it gives, as well as which films it had to beat out to get there.

Scorsese in general is well represented on the list of the most profane movies ever. It seems fitting that The Wolf of Wall Street's closest thematic siblings, Casino and Goodfellas, are pretty high up as well. The former comes in at fourth place with 422 f-words, while the latter is in eleventh place with an even 300. Further down the list, Scorsese's The Departed has a "f***" count of 237.

In truth, the number of bad words in The Wolf of Wall Street is probably the least offensive thing about it. It's certainly the least of Belfort's numerous crimes against humanity. For starters, given the amount of (rather awful-looking) sex the Stratton Overmont boys are having, it's possible The Wolf of Wall Street also has the most f***s, in a literal sense, of any non-pornographic movie.