Trivia: Paul McCartney Was Asked To Score A 'Silver Surfer' Movie

Beatles music in a Marvel movie. It sounds like a weird fanboy fantasy. Back in the early 1980s, however, it was actually a possibility. A producer was developing a Silver Surfer film in the early Eighties — as a cosmic rock opera. He sent Sir Paul McCartney some concept art to see if he was interested in writing music for the film. McCartney's management replied that they were interested but, of course, nothing came of it.

Don't believe it? Below you can see the letter.

The information came from the Marvel Comics: The Untold Story Tumblr via Comic Book Movie. It's been online for a while, but never really got picked up until recently.

Here's the letter

Silver Surfer Paul McCartney

How cool is that? Maybe this will give Kevin Feige an idea for some future Marvel films (though, unfortunately, not Silver Surfer as he's controlled by Fox).

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