'3 Days To Kill' Trailer And Poster: Kevin Costner Would Kill To Bond With His Kid

Reconnecting with an estranged teenage daughter isn't an easy task in any circumstance, but in 3 Days to Kill, Kevin Costner finds his attempts at familial bonding complicated even further by the discovery that he's suffering from a terminal illness.

If this were a Nicholas Sparks adaptation, that'd mean we had a lot of weeping and hugging to look forward to. But because this is a Luc Besson-scripted, McG-directed thriller, it means Costner has to pull himself together and go slaughter a bunch of dudes in the most badass way he can manage. Watch the trailer after the jump.

But you know how these things go: Just when he thinks he's out, the agency (represented in the trailer by Amber Heard) pulls him back in with the promise of an experimental drug that could save his life. All he has to do is agree to one last mission.

Yahoo! posted the trailer.

3 Days to Kill certainly has a bit of that Taken flavor. At the center of the action, once again, is an older male star who can only reconnect with his lovely daughter if he puts his very particular set of skills to good use. But there seems to be a little more humor to it, thanks to his awkward attempts to keep his kind from finding out the truth. And Heard seems like she's from another, more cartoonish movie entirely, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how things play out.3 Days to Kill opens February 21, 2014.3 Days to Kill