Superhero Bits: Amazing Spider-Man 2, Starlight, Ant-Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Dark Knight, Loki

Which superhero film will be seen during the Super Bowl?  What new Mark Millar comic book is now coming to the big screen? Can you get the Dark Knight Trilogy packaging without the DVDs? Where can you find hints to the future of the Amazing Spider-Man cinematic universe? Which actors got paid the most to play superheroes? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 PostersThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 will have a Super Bowl TV Spot, via Deadline.Comic Book Movie found a list of Amazing Spider-Man 2 Minimates that hints at some new characters.

After Kick-Ass, Secret Service and Nemesis, Mark Millar has another comic book, Starlight, heading to the big screen. Read the full story here.

Edgar Wright was location scouting for Ant-Man at Echo Mill in Powder Springs, Georgia, via CBM.New Guardians Free Comic Book DayNewsarama noticed the Free Comic Book Day Guardians of the Galaxy cover has been modified to make Star Lord look like the movie version.The Hollywood Reporter thinks the current slate of Spider-Man comics could offer a hint at what's to come in the movies.Dark Knight goodiesWB Shop is offering the cool goodies in the Dark Knight Trilogy Box set on their own, without the discs.Vulture has a great piece on how the superhero genre should stop worrying about universes and concentrate on good movies.

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Loki Boss shirt

This Loki shirt at Jack of All Trades kicks all kinds of ass.

Io9 has a list of villains who simply can't compete with Superman.

If you don't follow Hugh Jackman on Twitter, you may have missed this craziness.

The Superman lawsuits will never end – via Deadline.

Here's a review of an awesome 18 inch Batman figure by NECA by ShartimusPrime via Toy News International.

E Baum's World lists the 21 highest paid superhero movie actors.Mark Schilder - Dark Knight

Awesome Dark Knight poster by Mark Schilder, via F Yeah.

Man of Steel is the highest rated superhero movie of 2013 on IMDB.