Script For 'Star Wars Episode VII' Hasn't Been Turned In Yet

Curious why the calendar has almost turned and we still have little to no information about Star Wars Episode VII? Because the people paying for it don't have much information either. Alan Horn, the Chairman of Disney, was speaking at a Variety event Friday morning and revealed he expects to finally see a script for J.J. Abrams' film in January. Because of that, the budget for the film hasn't been set, but they're expecting something in the $200 million range.

Horn also discussed the recent Indiana Jones news at the event. Read more after the jump.

Variety reporter @marcgraser tweeted about the event. Here are the three biggies.

The "every year" thing has been common knowledge for a long time, as is the lack of story for Indiana Jones 5. Expecting that film in 2-3 years, though, is a little optimistic from what everyone was thinking. We'll have to wait and see.

As for the Star Wars script and budget news, Horn has obviously had conversations with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy in regards to many aspects of the film so he's not totally in the dark. This quote simply makes it sound like they have not finished a shooting draft. January would be about as late as they could turn it in, though, as casting is well underway, probably nearing its end, and filming is set to start in the Spring.

The news of J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars Episode VII broke on January 24, 2013. I'd imagine around that same time is when Disney finally drops the motherload of information we've been waiting for: characters, actors, etc.