Mondo Announces Ben Affleck Poster Series Including 'Argo,' 'The Town' And 'Gone Baby Gone'

Before Ben Affleck becomes Batman, he's getting his own Mondo poster series. The company just revealed they've got a new series of limited edition prints coming up, based on the director's previous films Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo. Here's what the actor/director said about the company:

I've always loved Mondo and their passion for film, as well as their talented stable of artists. I was initially drawn by their ability to offer a unique perspective on so many beloved films and am thrilled to see my films become the newest additions to their work.

While we love the blockbuster and cult films the company usually targets, immortalizing Affleck's small dramas feels likes a smart, surprising departure. Check out the images below.

Here are the Affleck posters, full info below.

The Town was done by Daniel Danger and it's available in a red regular and gold variant. They're 24 x 36's in editions of 390 and 160. Prices are $45 and $70.

Argo was done by Matthew Woodson, it's a 24 x 36 inch edition of 290 and will call $45.

Finally, Gone Baby Gone is by Adam Simpson, a 24 x 36 inch edition of 235 and will call $45.

All of the posters will go on sale Monday December 9. Find out when by following @MondoNews