Short Film 'PROXiMITY' Is An Effective Riff On A Classic Story Concept

The typical formula for a short film to get millions of views is to assemble a huge collection of effects and high concept sci-fi stuff, without much concern for story or character.

PROXiMITY, awkward title spelling aside, is a lot more traditional, but that doesn't mean boring. What that means is that the short is a simple idea — a riff on The Most Dangerous Game, and on the techno-thrillers that have sprung from it — explored with a couple twists and an almost non-existent effects component. This short is a solid idea, one location, and a few guys with a camera and a couple props. And it works really well. Check it out below.

Here's a making-of featurette, which runs longer than the short, but goes into a lot of detail about how it was made. I like that this is down and dirty filmmaking, a project rising from the ashes of another failed endeavor, with everyone involved making the best of the situation and moving forward.

Some of these shorts lead to development deals for the filmmakers, and I'll say this: if I had a deal to hand out, I'd give it to the guy whose work demonstrates that he can manage actors and crew and deliver solid work from a less than ideal set of circumstances.