VOTD: A 'Fast And Furious' Tribute To The Career Of Paul Walker

The world was rocked this weekend when actor Paul Walker died in a car crash at the age of 40. As someone who has followed his career since the very beginning, and has seen every Fast and Furious movie opening night, the news hit me much harder than I expected. Walker was such a fun person to watch. His presence and energy always burst through the screen and to see him blossom with growing franchise was continually rewarding. He was just at the beginning of a career that could have went anywhere.

That said, I couldn't make it 50 seconds into a video Universal Pictures created as a tribute to Walker without the tears starting. It's a beautiful, emotional piece of work. Check it out below.

Thanks to Universal for this amazing video.

When Walker passed, he was in the middle of shooting Fast and Furious 7. That film has now been delayed from its planned 2014 release.

Thanks so much for the memories Paul. You'll be sorely missed, but never forgotten.