'From Dusk Till Dawn' TV Show Links To Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction'

If you're like me, you have mixed feeling about this upcoming From Dusk Till Dawn TV series. The fact Robert Rodriguez is so involved is intriguing, but previous attempts to extend the vampire story (i.e. – its two direct to video sequels) have landed far below the bar set by the 1996 original. However, with a cast that includes DJ Cotrona, Robert Patrick, Don Johnson and Wilmer Valderama, the show has lots going for it. It also seems Rodriguez is creating the show with an eye towards the fans, as per his latest revelation.

The director took to Twitter to reveal the show actually links with Pulp Fiction, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, the co-star, writer and producer of the original film. Check it out below.

Texas Monthly first noticed the structure, which was built in Austin, Texas. That raised some questions, which were then answered by Rodriguez:

If you're still in the dark about all this (and if you are – how dare you!) Big Kahuna Burger is the burger chain Brett (Frank Whaley) is eating in Pulp Fiction, which then becomes a point of conversation for Jules (Samuel L. Jackson)

Much has been written about all of Tarantino's movies existing in the same world, and now it seems like putting From Dusk Till Dawn on the El Ray Network into the mix is a strong possibility. The original From Dusk Till Dawn film was already linked into that world, too, as the character Earl McGraw was introduced in the movie, before eventually appearing in Tarantino's Kill Bill and Death Proof, as well as the Rodriguez half of Grindhouse, Planet Terror.

From Dusk Till Dawn will premiere on the new El Ray Network in 2014. The network itself launches December 15. Here's some info.

NOTE: /Film reader Steve G reminds us in the comments that Big Kahuna Burger also makes an appearance in the original From Dusk Till Dawn.