VOTD: Two 2013 Retrospectives Review A Year Of Movies And Trailers

Two big video retrospectives landed this week, celebrating the films and trailers of 2013. The first is a mashup of every trailer released so far this year That's a big task, and there have to be trailers that didn't make the cut, but there's a shot culled from every major trailer here. The other is from Film.com writer David Ehrlich, who did a great job cutting together his own Top 25 list.

Here's the Sleepy Skunk's gigantic trailer mash-up for 2013. Want a list of the footage used? It's all here, and the YouTube page has a list of the music used in the edit.

And here's the Top 25 video countdown from David Ehflich. While a lot of people will disagree with the list, the editing is fantastic. (And disagreements over the choices should be pretty minor; these lists are all super-subjective, and a merely good start to a conversation.)