Weinsteins Working On 'Sin City' And 'The Mist' TV Shows

The new film Sin City: A Dame to Die For won't be the only project to transfer Frank Miller's stark noir tales from the comic page to the screen. In fact, that film may be swiftly followed by a new Sin City TV show.

Harvey Weinstein, like many other producers, has started to see TV as the safest medium in which to earn a few bucks. "The way to add stability to the company is to be in the television business," he recently told the New York Times, elaborating that he wants a TV division "as powerful as the theatrical division." With many a mention of the limited earnings potential of standalone films, which "may fade without creating spinoffs and sequels," what we see is inspiration from others who are trying to use movies as a way to bring audiences to TV.

So among the offerings the Weinsteins are trying to assemble are the Sin City show, and also a new limited series based on The Mist.

Some of the shows from Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein (the latter working from the Dimension library) include, as mentioned to the New York Times:

  • 10-espisode The Mist show, with involvement from Frank Darabont.
  • Sin City TV series, designed to quickly follow the theatrical sequel, with involvement from Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez.
  • Silver Linings Playbook show, with involvement from August: Osage County creator Tracy Letts.
  • 10-episode 10 Commandments series, with Lee Daniels, Madonna, Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station) and Wes Craven mentioned as possible directors.
  • 10-episode detective drama set in ancient Egypt called Book of the Dead.
  • Marco Polo, a "martial arts-filled adventure series" for Netflix.
  • 14- episode War and Peace adaptation.
  • BBC show Stan and Ollie, focusing on the Laurel and Hardy towards the end of their careers.
  • An "Entourage-like" comedy "based loosely on the adventures of the celebrity chef Michael Chiarello."
  • There are more — some reality shows, and other titles imported from the UK and Italy — as well as the previously-announced Scream show.

    All of these seem to be in the planning stages, but with Sin City: A Dame To Die For set for a August 22, 2014 release, there's less than a year to go before the idea of following that film with a TV series could come to fruition. So we'll likely hear more about the Weinstein TV plans soon.