How Christopher Nolan Kept 'Dark Knight Rises' Spoilers Under Wraps

Leading up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises, it was easily the most anticipated film in the past five years. Fans and sites like ours scoured around every day looking for new materials and answers to the questions we had about the film. Christopher Nolan knew that. And he also knew the film had some big surprises in store. To help preserve them, especially the fate of Bruce Wayne in the eyes of Gotham City, Nolan ended up filming the scene outside Wayne Manor with different props, and unnecessary actors on set, just so anyone who may or may not have been spying would have no idea what was really going on.

Below, watch a video and read more.

Major Spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises follow.

While filming the funeral for Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor, Nolan knew photographers might be able to catch a glimpse of the tombstones. So he purposely had the one which would read "Bruce Wayne" in the film say "Miranda Tate" to throw people off. It was changed with digital effects later. In addition, he had Christian Bale on the call sheet (in case it leaked) and on set, in costume, make it look like he was attending the funeral. They even shot some scenes with him there just to throw people off.

Pretty tricky stuff from Team Nolan. There's a video about it on The Dark Knight Trilogy box set, which you watch below. Thanks to @MatteoWilliams for the link.