Cool Stuff: Art Posters For 'Casablanca' And 'The Usual Suspects'

In the world of pop culture art, there are a handful of titles that are explored ad-nauseum. Films like The Thing, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Halloween etc. are so revered, there are literally dozens of different interpretations by different artists.

Today, however, we have posters for two multiple Oscar-winning classics that rarely get the pop culture treatment: Casablanca and The Usual Suspects. Check them out below.

First up, here's a Casablanca-inspired poster by Laurent Durieux, presented by the Phone Booth Gallery

Laurent Durieux - Casablanca

This poster, available in multiple versions, will go on sale in person at the gallery —  2533 East Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803 — Saturday November 23 at noon. Any remaining posters will go on sale Sunday November 24 at Follow at @PBGallery for info.

Next, the team at Odd City Entertainment has commissioned artist Matt Ferguson to do an official poster for The Usual Suspects.

The regular (red) edition will be a run of 175 at $40 and the variant (blue) edition will be a run of 75 at $70. They'll go on sale at a random time Wednesday November 20 at the Odd City store. Also of note, each poster has metallic inks that make the fire's of Kaiser Soze sparkle.

I love seeing posters for movies we don't usually see and these certainly both qualify. What do you think?