LOL: Cookie Monster Stars In Sesame Street's 'The Hungry Games: Catching Fur'

Katniss Everdeen and Cookie Monster wouldn't seem to have a whole lot in common. One is a serious, prickly teen living in an oppressive dystopia; the other is a jolly mop of blue fur who resides in the world's friendliest neighborhod. One hunts to feed her starving family; the other is famous for a destructive addiction to baked goods. And so on.

And yet, after seeing Sesame Street's Hunger Games parody The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, we can't think of anyone better to play "Cookieness Evereat" than Cookie Monster. As he puts it, "being strong heroine of entire franchise hard work," but he's more than up to the task. Watch the adorable video after the jump.

Cookieness Evereat is back to play in the Hungry Games. Can Cookieness and her friends, Finnicky, Tick Tock Lady, and Pita escape from the poking monkeys and tickling winds? Find out in The Hungry Games: Catching Fur. May the cookies be ever in your flavor.

The Peeta/Pita joke is a pretty obvious one, but it works superbly, particularly when it looks just for a moment like Cookie Monster might actually eat his friend. (There are times in the real movies when Peeta is less useful than a loaf of bread, anyway.) The little digs at Hollywood sequel culture ("Thankfully, me no have to ever, ever play that again!" "You know they're making a third one, right?") are pretty amusing, too.

Sesame Street's kiddie audience almost certainly won't catch the references to this PG-13 series of sci-fi adventures, but that's never stopped Sesame Street from tackling a pop culture moment. We've also seen parodies in the past for Homeland ("Homelamb"), Boardwalk Empire ("Birdwalk Empire") and Mad Men (uh, "Mad Men").The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, not to be confused with The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, opens this weekend. Check out Germain's review of it here.