Christopher Nolan Installed An IMAX Camera On A Learjet For 'Interstellar'

Christopher Nolan and IMAX have become almost synonymous. The director uses the large format like no one else, shooting several of his films with IMAX film cameras to make them feel simultaneously bigger and more intimate. He's the only director shooting true IMAX who uses it both for his big action scenes and emotional close-ups. No one pushes the IMAX format like Mr. Nolan.

Now he's pushing it even further. A member of Nolan's VFX team tweeted (then removed) an image of a Learjet with an IMAX camera installed in the nose. It's being used to capture photography for Interstellar, Nolan's 2014 space film starring Matthew McConaughey. Check it out below.

The images originally came from @PaulJFranklin, who has worked with Nolan since Batman Begins, via Reddit.

Once you pick your jaw up from the floor, remember we'll see what Nolan is filming in less than a year. Interstellar is scheduled for release November 7, 2014.