'Noah' Trailer: Russell Crowe Gets A Vision From God, Courtesy Of Darren Aronofsky

Following yesterday's juicy little teaser, not one but two full-length trailers for Darren Aronofsky's Noah have arrived, and you can check out both of them after the jump.

Russell Crowe stars as the familiar Biblical hero, who's driven by a vision from God to prepare for an upcoming flood that could wipe out all life on Earth. He builds an ark and begins to round up the animals, but not everyone (including villain Ray Winstone) is on board with his plan.

And here's the international version from Paramount Pictures UK.

Aronofsky knows how to craft memorable imagery, and there are plenty of gorgeous, striking moments in this trailer. Plus, we finally get to see those animals that gave ILM so much trouble, they told Aronofsky that one particular scene from Noah was the most complex effects shot in the company's history.

Noah and the ark is a story many of us learned as kids, watching cartoons of cute animals in Sunday school. It had not occurred to me until now how grim the story really is. We are, after all, talking about a flood that demolished the planet and killed nearly every living creature up to that point.

While Noah isn't an original creation of Aronofsky's the character makes for a pretty classic Aronofsky protagonist in some regards. He's a guy who falls deeply into an obsession, and presses on long after it's become clear to everyone around him that the sane thing to do would be to quit.

At least Noah is promised a happier ending than most Aronofsky heroes: in the Bible, Noah, his family, and the many animals survive the catastrophe, and life returns to Earth.

Noah lands March 28, 2014. Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins also star.