'Gravity' VFX Breakdown Shows Assembly Of Digital Elements And 3D Conversion

Gravity has not only some of the best effects of the year, but some of the best effects we've seen, particularly with respect to how they're integrated into the story, and in the way that some of  the digital creations are seamlessly integrated with shots of the few actors in the film.

Over the coming months we'll likely see more and more info that shows how some of the film's effects were crafted, and here's one short video breakdown that details the creation of a specific 3D digital space.

The original post describes what you'll see in the video:

In this Artist Breakdown we analyse a scene from 'Gravity' starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Prime Focus World's Richard Baker (Creative Director, View-D™) and Matthew Bristowe (SVP, Production) take you on a step by step journey through the stereo conversion of the shot, describing how PFW's View-D conversion process allows for the full integration of the VFX and conversion processes.

That's effectively a sales pitch for View-D's system and services, but it's an effective demonstration of how some VFX and 3D creation looks when done at the forefront of the industry. This really raises more questions than it answers — I want to see a lot more of the integration between systems, and even more about the creation of the digital assets used in the film. But this is a good starting point.