Video: James Gunn Talks All About 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' On 'Thor' Red Carpet

Now that Guardians of the Galaxy has finished shooting, what's director James Gunn up to? Editing, of course, and hitting the red carpet for the next Marvel film to talk all about it. Gunn was at this week's Thor: The Dark World premiere and did several red carpet videos where he both showed his incredible passion for the project, and also dropped a few nuggets of information.

Below, watch Gunn talk about the painstaking voice work Bradley Cooper is doing as Rocket Raccoon, evade conversations about Vin Diesel playing Groot, tease when we might see a trailer, and then discuss something that should be treated as a major spoiler for Thor: The Dark World.

The first video comes from MTV, where Gunn discusses Cooper, Diesel and eventually that big Thor spoiler. The journalist warns you when he gets around to that, so be careful.

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If you stopped that video to avoid the spoiler, at the end Gunn says fans "don't have that long to wait" to see the first tease of Guardians of the Galaxy. That's exciting. When do you think that might happen?

Here's another video from CraveOnline. Some of the same ground is covered, but this interview STARTS with that major spoiler, so again be warned. Or, just mute and fast forward to about :56 seconds. He then talks about his cast, the incredible sets and a few other things.

Guardians of the Galaxy is less than a year away, set for release August 1, 2014.