How A Suggestion From Tom Hiddleston Became The Core Dynamic In 'Thor: The Dark World'

Even though Thor is the title character in Thor: The Dark World, it's pretty obvious who the fans really want to see: Tom Hiddleston as Loki. The filmmakers knew this too, and after production completed, shot additional footage to add more of the character. That's not the only influence the actor had on the film, however. In several older interviews, Hiddleston mentioned he pitched Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige on multiple ideas for his character and that some of them actually got used in the film.

So what specifically was he referring to? I asked Hiddleston just that, and his answer is more important to the film's story than you'd think. We don't spoil specifics of Thor: The Dark World below, but the conversation does indicate one big general aspect of the film.

/Film: You mentioned a couple of times that you pitched some ideas to Feige on what to do with your character. Did any of that end up in the movie?

I'm genuinely grateful for his open mindedness and collaboration. I feel very trusted by him as someone who has an input into Loki. I remember a fascinating time around the The Avengers release when we were all traveling around the world together and we would have all of this time on airplanes and it was the only time we were physically together. You'd say "What happens next?" I remember saying to Kevin and Chris as well, "Loki and Thor have been antagonists for two films. We can't do that again. Wouldn't it be amazing if they fought side by side for whatever reason in whatever complicated allegiance? It would still be great if somehow they had to overcome their differences and fight a common enemy? There'd be a lot of drama and tension and comedy that could come out of that thing." [Kevin] agreed.

Wow, so that's like the whole movie.

I know. And also there's some stuff about Loki's particularly broken heart. There's this scene where a guard comes down to tell Loki about [SPOILER OMITTED]. That scene didn't exist and I walked around the set and said "Wouldn't it be amazing it this happened and then he had a particular response?" It's in the movie and I'm really proud of it. I think it makes sense, but I hasten... It's not just me who throws these ideas out. It's genuinely... That happens on every film. Alan [Taylor] had so many ideas. Chris had so many ideas. Kevin had so many ideas. Joss Whedon had great ideas. Like all great collaborations, the best are those ideas that rise to the top, and that's what's in the film.

Thor: The Dark World opens today.