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Header Photo: This Gamorrean Pug Guard Isn't Amused

Does 'The Walking Dead' Still Have A Woman Problem?A new study tracks 2013's most-pirated moviesStar Wars Adult OnesiesStar Wars Adult Onesies For Dreams Of A Galaxy Far, Far Away

I Watched China's 'Top Gun' — So You Don't Have To

The Movie Deal Netflix Wants to Make — And It's Not Day-and-Date

Gray Matter Technologies t-shirt

Gray Matter Technologies t-shirt

Why do studios stagger the release of movies like 'Thor: The Dark World'?Adam Goldberg Explains Why The Goldbergs Isn't Set in a Specific YearWall-E Commercial Bounce HouseWall-E Commercial Bounce House

Scary Movies That Don't Scare You

Short Film of Death: 'M is for Macho' Makes a Play For Zombie DominanceCould Terrorists Really Take Over the White House?Fifth Element concept art Fifth Element concept art reveals Prince's original look as Ruby RhodBreaking Bad's Anna Gunn to Guest on The Mindy ProjectTodd Spence' The Shining Art

Todd Spence' The Shining Art

'Breaking Bad' creator Vince Gilligan to guest on 'Community'

SUPERCUT: Woody Allen loves to say "make love"

Film Independent Selects 30 Emerging Filmmakers for Project Involve


SUPER series 3, coming later this week.

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg Reteam for American Ultra

First trailer: Ron Moore's intense new Syfy drama 'Helix'

Why 47 Ronin Could Be "Kurosawa on Meth"Death Star Owner's Manual

Death Star Owner's Manual will help you get it Fully Operational

Steven Soderbergh's Favorite James Bond MovieZZ7031F906

"Rock Paper Scissors" art show

10 Most Brutal Brawls in Movies by IFC

Bowie's Stuntman in LABYRINTH Had an Attitude Problem

Full House reboot is Not Happening But Discussions Are: Even Jeff Franklin Says SoSherlock Season 3Sherlock Season 3: First Official Photo

Disneyland Dry Ice Bomber Banned From Happiest Place On Earth

Trailers From Hell: John Landis on WAY OUT WEST

More fallout from Time Warner Cable-CBS riftBoba Pipe

Boba Pipe

Andrew Dominik could give you his 'Jesse James' director's cut in 'half a day'ZZ513502EB

Take A Look At The Unused Concept Posters For "Back To The Future" By The Incomparable Drew Struzan

The Four Types of Spoilers and How Reviewers Should Handle ThemVoltron Hoodie

An Amazing Voltron Hoodie, No Assembly Required

Mattel's Bold Plan to Take Control Back From HollywoodBattlestar Galactica 2004 Series TITANS

The Coming of Battlestar Galactica 2004 Series TITANS from Titans Merchandise

Paolo Sorrentino Secures Michael Caine for 'In The Future'ZZ56D32C2A

Over 80 Pictures from Hero Complex Gallery's JAWS-Themed Show 'Smile, You Son of a Bitch!'

DirecTV Average Customer Bill Tops $102 per Month



'Percy Jackson' Opens at No. 4 in Japan; '2 Guns' Fails to Crack Top 10

Totoro Before Christmas t-shirt

Totoro Before Christmas t-shirt

Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' to Open Berlin Film Fest'Schwartzmen' for Bad Dads 2013 at Spoke Art

'Schwartzmen' for Bad Dads 2013 at Spoke Art

Netflix Enters Race for Oscars With 2 Original Film Acquisitions

3d effect

The 20 Awesomest 3D Movie GIFs (No 3D Computer Screen Needed!)

Streamnation 2.0 lets you easily share ripped movies with friends

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