Exclusive: Jason Reitman's Online Trailer For 'Labor Day' [Updated With Theatrical]

We're very happy to exclusively premiere a special online trailer for director Jason Reitman's latest film Labor Day. The theatrical trailer will premiere later today, but first take a look at this alternate online trailer — You may remember that Jason also let us premiere that amazing Up in the Air "bag" online-exclusive teaser – still one of my favorite trailers of recent years.

In Labor DayKate Winslet delivers an award-worthy performance as a depressed single mother, who along with her young teenage son Henry (Gattlin Griffith) have their lives changed forever when they offer a wounded man a ride. The man (played by Josh Brolin) turns out to be an escaped convict, who takes the family hostage during Labor Day weekend. Watch the whole trailer embedded after the jump.

Update: We've added the theatrical trailer below, too.

The movie is very different than any of Reitman's previous works. It's definitely not a comedy; instead it is Reitman's darkly twisted take on the coming of age film. It's a more accomplished and mature film than his past works, more nuanced and quiet. The movie premiered at the Telluride Film Festival to great acclaim.

One of my favorite shots of the film is in the trailer: its a shot of Henry playing a Coleco Donkey Kong tabletop video game with a rack focus to Winslet and Brolin together on the couch. Cinematographer Eric Steelberg's photography in this film is particularly beautiful, communicating with almost Malick-style realism, but with a more clinical yet still-elegant movement. (Notice the graceful push-ins and slow dolly shots, and also the rack focus transitions.) Jason wrote up a blurb about his collaborations with Steelberg:

"By some great moment of kismet, I met my cinematographer Eric Steelberg when we were both fifteen. Old enough to want to make movies but young enough to be dropped off by our parents on our first set. We started together on little videos, then moved to shorts, commercials, and eventually feature films. I've watched him grow as an artist and a technician over the course of twenty years, but I've never been more proud to present a peek into our collaboration. In order to realize this movie, we had to recreate the era in which we first met. Enjoy a first look at our new film Labor Day."

Here is the exclusive online trailer for Labor Day:

Here's the theatrical trailer:

And the poster: