Watch The First 8 Minutes Of J.J. Abrams And J.H. Wyman Show 'Almost Human'

You've seen the ads and trailers for the soon-to-premiere show Almost Human, in which Karl Urban plays a grumbly detective who is partnered with a very lifelike synthetic officer played by Michael Ealy. The two don't have an easy go of it at first, but you can bet that the series will evolve to a point where the two unlikely allies enjoy a good buddy-buddy repartee.

It'll be a while before we see how that works out, but now you can watch the first eight minutes of the show.

Note: this clip is from Hulu (via Deadline) which means that some territories may not be able to watch it. Our apologies for any region-locking; that's out of our hands.

Almost Human also features Lili Taylor, Mackenzie Crook, and Minka Kelly. The premiere is set for Sunday and Monday, November 17 and 18.