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Header Photo:  USS Enterprise vs. Millennium Falcon Geek-o'-Lantern

Halloween Turns 35: An Appreciation


Here are the Coolest Custom Lego Minifigs You Can Buy on Etsy Right Now

6 Other Wes Anderson Parodies to Enjoy Alongside 'The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders'

Why Movie Theaters Can Ignore NC-17 Ratings

Minion Pumpkin Carving

Minion Pumpkin Carving

How to Get Away with Talking at the Movie Theater

Ranking Woody Allen's Movie Titles

Silhouettes t-shirt

Silhouettes t-shirt

CNN Renews Morgan Spurlock's 'Inside Man' for Second Season

Trailers From Hell: Ti West on PRINCE OF DARKNESS

'Gravity' Rockets to Another $36 Million, Stays No. 1 at Overseas Box Office

Rick Bakers Steampunk Frankenstein-Monster

Rick Bakers Steampunk Frankenstein-Monster

Crowdfund fan films to continue the stories of Star Trek and Fray


3A's Next Offering Is "Noisy Boy" From Real Steel & It's Downright Awesome!

Director-Stuntman Hal Needham Dies at 82

Skyfall VFX – Before & After

Skyfall VFX – Before & After

Did real people inspire these famous fictional monsters?

Star Wars Boxo Papercraft Playset

Star Wars Boxo Papercraft Playset

Ben Affleck Plans Geopolitical Africa-Set Warner Bros Thriller; Will Staples Scripting

8-Bit Doctor Who Theme

The 8 Actors Wes Anderson Uses the Most

Scott C's Great Showdown tribute to Chucky

Scott C's Great Showdown tribute to Chucky.

'Catfish' Will See a Third Season on MTV

Thatababy by Paul Trap

Thatababy by Paul Trap

OSCARS: Academy Launches "Upgraded And Simplified" Online Voting System

I Heart Cobra t-shirt

I Heart Cobra t-shirt

What Happens When Ten Young Assholes Watch HALLOWEEN For The First Time?


For Halloween William Zabka Dressed Up As a Skeleton for the First Time Since 'The Karate Kid'

J.J. Abrams explains why Sydney Bristow from 'Alias' is still his favorite character

Everything Wrong With The Expendables In 8 Minutes Or Less

Fox Announces Premiere Dates For 'The Following', 'Rake' & 'American Idol'


This Drive-In Theater Uses Junk Cars As Audience Seating

A Reboot of Charmed Is in the Works at CBS

Star Wars Moleskins

New Star Wars Moleskins At Staples

Disney bringing new show to tablets first, cable later


Geek Out Your Pumpkin With 20+ Templates

Top 25 Star Wars Action Figures Collectors Want To See Re-released


Netflix has an odd pricing structure for its DVD plans

Cinemax Renews (and Cancels) Strike Back

Where The Wild Things Are Cosplay

Cute And Cuddly Where The Wild Things Are Cosplay

'Homeland's' Real Secret: The Show Wasn't Built to Last

Star Wars R2-D2 Backpack with Hoodie

Star Wars R2-D2 Backpack with Hoodie

Paramount, Brad Pitt Company Feuding Over '12 Years a Slave'

The Godfather: Part II poster by Olly Moss

The Godfather: Part II poster by Olly Moss

The Real Hotel from 'The Shining' is Digging Up its Pet Cemetery

Watch some behind the scenes b-roll footage from Disney's Frozen.

VES Summit: Will 'Gravity' Prompt Push for 'Visual Imaging' Oscar?

Star Trek Engagement Calendar

Star Trek Engagement Calendar

Digital Domain invested $17 million in 'Ender's Game'

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