'Evil Dead' Remake Director Says Sam Raimi Will Direct 'Army Of Darkness 2'

At this point we've heard about Army of Darkness 2, aka Evil Dead 4, from just about all the principal participants with the exception of one person: writer/director Sam Raimi. Star Bruce Campbell has said (partially joking) that Army of Darkness 2 will happen. Producer Robert Tapert has said as much. And Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez has said that he plans an Evil Dead sequel of his own, with the intent to merge the original and remake story lines down the road.

But until Sam Raimi signs a deal, this is all talk. We're not at that point yet, but Alvarez does insist that Raimi will make the film.

Here's the word from the new Evil Dead director:

Raimi is producing the Poltergeist remake, along with a few other films, but he doesn't have an announced directorial project to follow Oz the Great and Powerful. Could his next movie be Army of Darkness 2? Sure, it could. Still, at this point, after so many years, it's hard to expect that Raimi is really going to go back in the woods with Campbell and Tapert.

It might be tremendous fun to see them all do it one more time. Seems like the time to do it would be now, but Raimi and his brother, along with Tapert and Campbell, have tossed around ideas for years, and never pulled the trigger. A new outing for Campbell's Ash is all about good ideas and big energy; can the crew make it happen once more?