Ryan Reynolds Says 'Deadpool' Recently Took "Very Small Tiptoes Forward"

Will we ever get to see Ryan Reynolds in a hard-R rated Deadpool movie? It's a question fans have been asking literally for years. The script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick leaked online some time ago, and everyone involved is so proud of it, they subtly encourage fans to download, read and champion it. Even so, the film is far from a safe bet for 20th Century Fox, which owns the character. So even though a ton of directors have been attached – Tim Miller is the current one — the film seems to remain as far away from production as ever.

Or, maybe not. In a new interview,  Reynolds teased fans by saying, in recent weeks, the film has taken some "very, very small tiptoes forward." What could that mean? Read the quotes and discuss below.

Reynolds spoke to Yahoo Movies (via Bleeding Cool) about the film. Here's the video:

The quote in question is:

Actually, in the last couple of weeks it's taken a few very, very small tiptoes forward.

He also talks about the film being very low budget for the studio and says, if he were a betting man, he'd bet we eventually get to see the film.

So what could "very very small tiptoes forward" mean? Well, maybe it means another producer has decided to look at the film as a potential project. Maybe it means the writers are taking another pass. Maybe the recent video game turned someone new onto the character. Or maybe another writer has been hired to look at the script. Anything beyond that would be more than a tiptoe. (He could also be referring to the fact the writers have spoken to Mark Millar about the film.)

No matter what he's referring too, it's still encouraging to think a film that fans really, really want still has a chance of getting made. Deadpool hasn't been forgotten yet.