VOTD: Lee Hardcastle's Horror Animation Short 'Ghost Burger'

Lee Hardcastle does some great things with clay, and has used the pliable stuff to animate some great movie homages (his remakes of The Raid and The Thing quickly come to mind) and some memorable comedy as well as a few gross-out gags.

His most notable bit of nastiness might be T Is for Toilet, which was Hardcastle's submission in the ABCs of Death director contest, and which won the open spot in the film. Now the animator has released  a longer piece, called Ghost Burger. This is a sequel to T Is for Toilet, which shows that the kid from the short didn't die, but that he is certainly damaged both physically and mentally. But while things haven't gone well for the kid, he is able to see ghosts, and that turns out to be an ability with a surprising side benefit.

Ghost Burger feels like the sort of film you'd discover on a dusty VHS shelf — it's got the appeal of some of the stranger horror produced in the '80s, with a collision of action, supernatural weirdness, and plain old strange stuff.

On YouTube, Hardcastle describes the film:

Two kids go hunting for ghosts to help their dad run a burger cafe. An epic sequel to "T is For Toilet [ABCs of Death]", 12 years after the accident.

Update: the full video has been made private. Here's a trailer.

Here's T Is for Toilet, in case you missed it. This one is gleefully gory.