'At Middleton' Trailer: Eighteen Years Of Making Good Choices Add Up To This

I like the lightweight look of the romcom At Middleton if only because the lead cast, Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, aren't the duo you'd expect for a film like this. They look like they're having a nice time in the film, which follows parents of two different children who are both touring the same college campus. While the kids may or may not like the potential school, turns out the parents like each other just fine.

This doesn't quite look like Before Sunrise — it's just so fluffy! — but there might be a bit more than cotton candy super-fun adult crush time on offer. Check out the trailer below, if only to see how Vera Farmiga can make any script seem like a good idea.

Here's a YouTube embed, since the Yahoo player sucks:

At Middleton will be in theaters and on VOD on January 31st. A rather long synopsis is below:

Edith is a strong-willed, free-spirited and successful business woman who's taking her hyper-achieving, 18 year-old daughter Audrey on a tour of potential colleges. George is a buttoned-up heart surgeon accompanying his not very motivated son Conrad (also 18), on a similar tour. Their paths cross at idyllic Middleton College, nestled in the picturesque Pacific Northwest.

At first, all things point to this being the kids' story... but as the parents' well intentioned support backfires – so much so that they are booted from the very campus tour they traveled so far to attend – it quickly becomes clear that George and Edith are the heart of the film. Now banished together, these two time-pressed, responsible adults suddenly find themselves with a free day in the midst of a beautiful setting – and the hours they subsequently share change their lives as they play out a singular "college tour" all their own.