LOL: Comedian Pete Holmes Offers His Own Version Of 'Batman Vs. Superman'

The real Batman vs. Superman won't hit theaters for another two years, but while we wait comedian Pete Holmes offers his own vision for us to ponder. In his Batman vs. Superman, the Man of Steel proposes a team-up — only for the Caped Crusader to shoot him down, dismissing him as "f***ing whitebread."

The gloves come off at that point, as they bicker about their secret identities, their symbols, and their dead parents ("Get over your dead parents already!") Commissioner Gordon even gets involved, though he's frankly not much help either. Check it out after the jump.

Pretty rich of Batman to accuse Superman of taking inspiration from Newsies, don't you think?

The points made in this video aren't all that original, but the two DC heroes have an extensive history as "partners, fighters, and bed sharers," as one Vulture article put it recently. Watching them get all snippy at one another is part of a long, proud tradition that harks back to the earliest days of comic book fandom.

Holmes has taken on Batman several times before for College Humor. The very defensive could call him a hater, but it seems pretty clear his mocking comes from a place of love.

Meanwhile, those whose tastes run more toward Marvel than DC may also want to check out Ex-Men: Wolverine, a skit posted by Holmes earlier this week. In it, Professor X decides that Wolverine, for all his popularity, is "worthless."

Y'know, Professor X makes some pretty good points here. How did a guy made of metal rise to the forefront of a team that frequently fights a guy who controls metal?

Holmes' new show, The Pete Holmes Show, premieres on TBS October 28, right after Conan. It'll air weeknights at midnight.