Rumor: Disney Plans Darth Vader TV Specials

Want to watch Darth Vader on TV, and not via Blu-ray or that VW commercial?

Attendees of the European Brand Licensing Show, which took place in London over the past three days, were reportedly given a Lucasfilm brochure which details Star Wars brand plans for the next couple of years. Among the plans are things that we know, such as the launch of Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD, and the new Episode VII feature film to hit in 2015. (This pamphlet, by the way, would seem to squash any rumor that Episode VII will be pushed out of Summer 2015 and into December of that year.)

But one line is very curious. In the Spring/Summer 2014 column is this line: "Darth Vader Themed TV Specials." Check out an unverified image of the brochure below.

JediNews has the pic.Darth Vader TV Show

This plan is unannounced by Disney and Lucasfilm, and unconfirmed at this time. We don't know if these would be live-action specials, or animated. The most likely bet is for animated specials to prep for the launch of Rebels.