David Ayer Offers Behind The Scenes Look At WWII Movie 'Fury' With Brad Pitt

Director David Ayer (Training Day writer, End of Watch writer/director) is being generous with his camera while directing the WWII film Fury. The movie stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeoufLogan Lerman, Jason Isaacs, and Michael Pena in a story about an American tank crew that tries to survive an encounter with a German army division towards the end of the war.  

Since the beginning of the shoot, Ayer has been posting an image a day to Twitter, and now that we're a couple weeks in there's a good collection of shots from the production. They're not as polished and stylized as the header shot above (which was the first official image release) but they have a grit and atmosphere that works very well. Check out a bunch of more recent shots below.

Note that these shots demonstrate that the movie is shooting on film, rather than digital.

Fury is still shooting in England, and is set for release on November 14, 2014. Before Fury opens, Ayer's next film, Sabotage with Arnold Schwarznegger, opens January 24.