Original 'The Empire Strikes Back' Teaser Features Concept Art Rather Than Footage

After the original Star Wars became a monster hit in 1977, Lucasfilm and Fox didn't really have to do much to advertise the first sequel. The toys and other merchandise were doing that job quite well; by the time it was close to release, everyone knew that another Star Wars film was about to hit theaters.

Still, an early teaser was cut for The Empire Strikes Back, and the Star Wars YouTube channel just gave it an official online release.

This teaser is interesting because it features no actual footage from Empire. Rather, it offers up quite a range of Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for the film, showing locations on Hoth and Bespin, and showing a bit of the planned battle between Luke and Vader. The only actual actor likenesses come in the form of a set of promo stills at the end, which should be recognizable to anyone who was watching out for the film at the time. Those shots were everywhere.

Watch the teaser below.