'Batman Vs. Superman' To Shoot At Los Angeles Football Game This Weekend

A few weeks back, a European casting call said Zack Snyder would begin filming Batman vs. Superman overseas this weekend. We contacted Warner Bros. to confirm or deny this, but never heard back. Either way, filming on the highly anticipated film is definitely happening this weekend. But it's happening in the U.S.

The East Los Angeles College Campus News is reporting production of the 2015 superhero film starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck will take place October 19 at halftime of a college football game between ELAC and Victor Valley College. The stadium will be transformed to Gotham City University for a game between GCU and Metropolis State University.

The ELAC Campus News has the full story (via Coming Soon). According to the story, Snyder and the production are hoping to get "three takes of three plays during halftime. The crew will be capturing the actors and crowd's reactions." The first 2,000 fans to sit in the "filming area" will get t-shirts designed specifically for the film.

The odds on any of the film's stars being at the shoot are very small. Football season ends in January/February, which is when most of the principal actors will begin filming. If David Goyer wrote a football game into the script, it would be easiest, logistically, to film it now. So this will likely be second unit.

Any ideas how the Gotham City University vs. Metropolis State University football game will play into the film? Besides the obvious city connections to Batman and Superman of course. Maybe Clark Kent covers the game for the Daily Planet and hears about Bruce Wayne?

For more information, visit the ELAC website. Any fans thinking of going?