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Header Photo: On the set of GRAVITY

Neil DeGrasse Tyson says his criticisms of 'Gravity' are a compliment to its qualityThe worst thing about 3-D (even in movies where it looks great)'A Christmas Story' leg lamp costume

A Costume That Looks Like the Major Award Leg Lamp From 'A Christmas Story'

Why Hollywood Is Caught in the Blockbuster Trap — and Won't Break Free Anytime SoonThe Pixar Perspective on Popular CultureSpring Breakers Oscar campaignSpring Breakers Oscar campaign.

The Five Best Films of 2013 (You Haven't Seen)

The Truthiness Of GRAVITY

Predator cakePredator Cake

Walter White's Tighty-Whities Sell For Nearly $10,000

Celebrate 25 Years of Chucky With Mike Relm's MegaMix

48 Screenwriters Compete For a Free Trip to LA to Pitch TV ShowsThe Walking Dead HatThe Walking Dead Hat11 Most Prolific Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors of All TimeZZ4486ACC4

Florida Friday: A Viral Missing Girl Post On Facebook Is Actually A Movie Promo

The Walt Disney Company Named Most Socially Responsible


Oscar documentary short race: Eight films vie for nominations


If Movies Mated.

CBS acquires Ben Affleck and Matt Damon pilot

STAR CARS- Jurassic Park Off-Road Special (Ep. 11)

Bella Thorne & Kyra Sedgwick Set For Thriller 'Big Sky'Hyundai Unveils

Hyundai Unveils "The Walking Dead" Zombie Survival Machine At NYCC

ABC To Adapt 'Bright Young Things' Books As Drama Series With John Wells & Alloy

ZZ335B632111 Playsets I Want in Disney Infinity

'Escape from Tomorrow' Director Would Make a Disney Movie and Other Highlights from His Reddit AMA

Halloween Snow Globe

Google Adds TV Episodes and Schedules to Search Results

Game of Thrones pumpkinGame of Thrones pumpkin

'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Scribe Lucy Alibar Sells First Novel

Walter White's Porn Addiction

Complete List of 2014 Foreign Language Oscar Contenders Hits Record 76 SubmissionsSyFy's Avalanche Sharks

SyFy's Avalanche Sharks Are Coming!

Madonna Officially Banned From The Alamo Drafthouse

ZZ1766894AHanksy Answers Stephen Colbert's Street Art Challenge For Banksy by Creating a Grizzly 'Stephen Colbear'Emma Watson Reteaming With The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Director For While We're Young

Breaking Bad Blue Sky Crystal Meth CandyKenneth Lonergan To Script 'Howards End' Miniseries Project For BBC, PlaygroundStar Trek action figuresStar Trek action figuresNashville, Nikita Actors Among Orphan Black  Season 2?s New AdditionsUrsula cake

Don't Help Ursula Destroy the Seas Cake

Google TV To Become Android TV

Game Of Thrones Green Dragon Egg PendantGame Of Thrones Green Dragon Egg PendantBox Office: Tom Hanks' 'Captain Phillips' Earns $600,000 Thursday NightScott C's Great Showdowns tribute to ManhattanScott C's Great Showdowns tribute to Manhattan.Box Office: 'Gravity' Orbits $30 Million In Week 2, Stealing 'Captain Phillips' Thunder

What If 'Aliens' Became a Sitcom? (Video)

Nickelodeon Pays $11 Million To Writers Following WGA Claims Of Late Payments

More People You See At Every Nerd ConMore People You See At Every Nerd Con

'Breaking Bad' prop auction raises close to $1 million

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